Handcrafted in Japan

Show's Aloha shirts are made by experienced and skilled sewing craftsmen in the aterier(studio) in Fukuoka Japan.

1990年代、当時サーフィンをしていたデザイナー西村昌子が抱いた「なぜ女性用アロハシャツが存在しないのか」という小さな疑問からAtelier SHOWは生まれました。



In the 1990's the designer Masako Nishimura who was a surfer at the time had a simple question: ''Why aren't there any Aloha shirts for women?''

Back then only mens' Aloha shirts existed and female surfers wore mens' Aloha shirts by folding the sleeves up. 
When Masako and her mother went to an antique market and found a Yukata (Summer kimono bathrobes) with gold fish design, mother posed a question to Masako: ''Would you like to make a female Aloha shirt with this one?' It was the birth of Aterier SHOW.

Then Masako kept making Female Aloha shirts. After completing 100 hand made shirts in 1996 she had the first exhibition in Fukuoka Japan.

Her design and Aloha shirts made by vintage Kimono was very unique and caught media attention right away. Now Masako does exhibitions all over the world.


1962年 大阪生まれ
1980年 兵庫女子短期大学 デザイン美術科を学ぶ
1984年 大阪デザイナー学院グラフィックデザイン科 卒業
1990年 横浜にてギャラリー『OAKの樹』スタート
1997年 アロハシャツブランド『SHOW』設立

Born in Osaka in 1962
Studied design art at Hyogo Women's Junior College in 1980
Graduated from Osaka Designer Gakuin Graphic Design Department in 1984
Started the gallery "Oak Tree" in Yokohama in 1990.
Founded Aloha Shirt brand "Show" in 1997.
Yearly exhibitions are held in many locations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyushu Japan including U.S.